Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the free Boho style experience to every single one of you! We’re changing the shopping experience by offering products that we create or collect from all over the world .We create our own items and offer you the best quality.

Our biggest love and passion are handmade products.

With our assistance you will be able to create outfits, and complete looks that you love! We deliver quality, curated fashionable clothes, jewellery and accessories (on line bohotale.com)  to customers worldwide. We will deliver a fulfilling shopping experience to you,every time.

Our Story

We know each other for ever!!

Giota is the shoe designer and the girl behind Aelia Greek Sandals..

Alexandra is the jewelry designer with spirit

Grigoria is the graphic designer and art director

Eirini is the girl who inspired the Bohotale project..

We combine the creativity,the passion and the action to offer you a shopping experience that’s going to make you feel stylish and unique!!

Life is too short to wear boring clothes
Good shoes take you to good places
Home should inspire you
Giving a gift for no reason brings happiness
Being yourself is more important than just being in Fashion.
Be unique….live your Bohotale!


partners in crime